Escape Room Breckenridge is the first live escape game in Breckenridge.  Your group, comprised of friends, family, colleagues, or strangers are locked in a room together.  Your objective is to solve riddles, uncover clues and crack codes in order to escape in time.  The game is designed to test your problem solving skills with friends or with complete strangers while racing against the clock.  Will you solve a murder mystery or find Captain Steelhook's treasure?

Do you have what it takes?  Will you make it out in time?  

Groups range in size from 2-8.  All games are 60 minutes.

Who Should Play?

Family - Looking for something fun to do with your family?  This is perfect!  This is good clean fun and a unique way to interact with your loved ones.

Dates- This is the PERFECT date idea!  Do something that is different from going to a movie

Friends- Make it a girls/guys night out and test your skills

Coworkers- Are you tired of just going to happy hour to connect with your colleagues?  Try our escape room!  You will have a blast!


The Hollywood Room

Difficulty: Medium

70% success rate

Step back in time to 1952.  The Hollywood Golden Age.  Elvis Presley played on the radio, Dragnet on the television.  You have entered into a glamorous Hollywood starlet's dressing room but she is nowhere to be found.  Upon investigation you discover she's been murdered!  Can you follow the clues to solve the murder before the killer returns?  Do you have what it takes to get out in time???  


vintage grunge

Captain Steelhook's Treasure

Difficulty- Difficult and Challenging

30% success rate

Ahoy Mateys!  The notorious Captain Steelhook has boarded and captured your ship!  You and your loyal crew are being held captive in his brig while he plunders and pillages the village to add to his stash of pirate booty.  He will return in 60 minutes.  You and your mates must find his treasure trove in order to escape.  If he returns and catches you you'll be walkin' the plank!